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Areas of Legal Practice


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Concierge Legal Services for Personal Representation

  • Consultations Relating to Civil Law Matters, Business Planning, and Negotiated Transactions
  • Contracts, Disclaimers, Warranties, Licenses, Indemnities, and Business Agreements
  • Selection of Business Form, Governance, and Training
  • Regulatory Rights and Duties, Statutory Interpretations, Risks, and Due Diligence
  • Marketing Programs, Sales, Distribution Channels, and Branding
  • New Business Models, Novel Agreements, and Creative Settlements
  • Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurial Interests, Collaborations, and Start-up Businesses
  • Advising on Negligence and Intentional Torts like Misrepresentation, Fraud, and Deceptive or Misleading Practices 

General Counsel Services - Consultation and Negotiations

  • Business Agreements, Marketing Law, Sales, and  U.C.C. law
  • Strategic Alliances, Innovation, and Growth Strategies
  • Needs Assessment, Needs Fulfillment, and Problem Solving
  • Intellectual Property Matters
    • Inbound and Outbound IP Licensing, and Terms of Us
    • Trademarks, Copyrights, and  Domain Name Services
    • Trade Secrets, Trade Dress, and Related Rights
  • Advertising, Promotions, Labeling,
  • Regulatory Compliance under Federal and State Laws
  • Teaming Pacts, Outsourcing, and Procurements,
  • Public Domain, Creative Commons, and Open Source
  • Public Contracts, Bids, RFP Exceptions, and RFQ Responses

Chief Privacy Officer Services - Consultation, Policy, and Practices

  • Sectoral Regulatory Schemes for  Health, Communications, Finance, Credit, Education, and Children
  • Regulatory Compliance, Commercial Practices, Risk Management, and Data Privacy
  • Electronic Commerce, Technology, Internet Law, Consumer Protection, and New Media
  • Cloud Computing, eCommerce, and IT Security
    • Data Governance, Web Hosting, OBA, and Mobile Apps
    • Electronic Health Records, Financial Data, and Credit Disclosures
    • Security, Biometrics, Authentication, and Authorization Service
  • Guidance on Converting Data Privacy into a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Company Policies, Personal Data, Sensitive Personal Data, and Tracking
    • Privacy Policy Formation, Data Inventories, Privacy By Design, and Minimization
    • Work Flow Practices, Digital Fingerprinting, Tracking, and Linking
    • Data Protection, Data Security, Data Breach, and Vendor Management
  • European Union Law, APEC Standards, and Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPRs)
  • International Law, Comparative Law, and Conflict of Law Rules 

External Affairs Officer Services- Consultation and Representation

  • Business Strategies, Cross-Border Joint Ventures, and  Industrial Standards
  • Industrial Regulation, Compliance, and Market Access
  • Regulatory Compliance, New Markets, Product Development, Roll-outs and Testing
  • Choice of Law, Jurisdiction, and Legislative Reform
  • Telecommunications, New Media, Wireless, Broadband, and Net Neutrality
  • Transportation, Shipping, Logistics, Postal Services. and Utility Law
  • Cross-Border Agreements, Customs, Anti-Dumping, and Trade Law
  • Government Relations, National Treatment,and  Industry Standards
  • Foreign Legal Systems, International Law, and Conflict of Law Rules
  • Commerce, Education, Cooperation, and Cultural Exchanges

Select Civil Litigation Counsel Services and Regulatory Representation

  • Litigating Disputes over Unfair Competition, Business Torts, Privacy, IP, or Contract Claims
  • Claims, Informal Complaints, Causation, Injury, and Negotiations to Compromise
  • Regulatory Proceedings, Rate Proceedings, Administrative Law Practice, and Primary Jurisdiction
  • Procedural Matters
    • Jurisdiction, Recourse, Remedies, and Costs and Benefits of Litigation
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Early Neutral Evaluation, Mediation, & Arbitration
    • Rules of Court,  Rules of Civil Procedure, and Arbitration
    • Choice of Law, Choice of Forum, Inconvenient Venue, Discovery, and Law and Motion Practice,
    • Prima Facie Causes of Action, Notification, Defenses, Affirmative Defenses, and Compromises
    • Proving Specific Facts for Deceptive or Misleading Practices, Misrepresentation, and Fraud Claims
  • Remedies including Restraining Orders, Injunctive Relief, and Damages
  • Complex Litigation: Antitrust. Unfair Trade Practices, and Intellectual Property Cases
  • Appellate Review and Alternative Recourse 



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