Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

IMG_7410libsepiaIMG_7410libsepia  Mr. Hoffer has over thirty years of legal experience representing clients, including individuals, corporations, and governmental agencies on matters that concern strategic transactions, uncertain rights and duties, business law practices, or the risks arising in regulated industries. He also concentrates on advising senior leaders how to leverage consumer choice, protection, and privacy policies to add value to their businesses worldwide.

He consults with clients on special customer agreements, strategic alliances, marketing programs, enterprise risks, data protection policies, trademarks, copyrights, open source, regulatory compliance measures, and unfair business practices. His work includes advising and negotiating on behalf of companies, public agencies, and governmental authorities to advance clients’ interests in the U.S. and internationally, in view of industry and ethical standards.  Unlike the other ninety-nine percent of California lawyers, Mr. Hoffer has been certified as a professional in information privacy both in the U.S. and the E.U., and provides his clients the benefit of decades of experience representing clients in the private and public sectors effectively,

Some of the newest legal challenges of his clients pertain to rights and duties that concern negotiated contracts, accelerated revenue growth, penetration of new markets, restructured business relationships, improved customer retention, strategic alliances, digital content, economic regulation, and sensitive personal data.

New media and technologies raises other new social and legal issues over services, products, software, or new business methods that concern health apps, encryption, biometrics, mobile security, net neutrality, or cloud computing, Many businesses may achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, for instance, through the early and mindful adoption of proactive privacy frameworks and related enterprise-wide practices.  He offers insights across an array of transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters.

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