Chief Privacy Officer Services



  Mr. Hoffer, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide organizations with many of the services that are ordinarily assigned to a full-time Chief Privacy Officer.  He is available, for instance, to counsel new clients either with or without a dedicated CPO on their data privacy polices, data protection programs, and strategic business and marketing practices.

  Many prospective clients need assistance structuring or refining data protection frameworks for data governance. Often the Office of General Counsel of a company strives to attain worldwide inter-departmental goals by improving privacy policies, practices, safeguards in view of work flows, data inventories, privacy frameworks, privacy by design goals, vendor relationships, appropriate security measures, and training to deploy cross-border compliance strategies.

 Mr. Hoffer is available to provide professional assistance to executives, chief legal officers, and information officers who are conducting enterprise-wide privacy needs assessments.  Often, this entail obtaining solid legal advice in view of data inventories, work flows, incident response plans, and a set of confidential business strategies. This guidance aims to add value to the organization by protecting proprietary strategies under the confidentiality of attorney-client relationships, while reducing enterprise costs and ameliorating risks by anticipatorily reconciling (a) corporate practices and policies with (b) Fair Information Privacy Principles and Cross-Border Privacy Rules.

Initial appointments for these services are ordinarily provided on a complementary basis at the client’s place of business if within the San Francisco Bay Area. The date and time may be selected at the convenience of the prospective client by calling our office at 415 500-1878.  If you have any preliminary questions, we encourage you to give us a call to clarify your concerns.